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Origin Story

Character Development

A 12 Hour Masterclass ● Four 3-Hour Classes

How do you get an audience to fall in love with your characters? How do you create depth, solicit empathy, and draw people so deep into the story that they want to see it again? Every story is about a hero. Their external and internal journeys are the key to everything. And every story needs a worthy adversary to make it all matter. Learn how to fully develop both your hero and their adversary in this in depth study on character development.

More Details

Dynamic characters will inspire you to make different choices in your writing. Without fully developed characters, your writing will blend into a sea of underwhelming scripts. ORIGIN STORY will help you add depth to your characters, giving your story an edge that others are missing! Sessions Include:

  • Creating Backstory

  • Interviewing Your Characters

  • Understanding the Hero's Journey

  • Studying Complex Characters and Scripts

  • And more...

This is an interactive course. It is small class where you will get to workshop your ideas in the sessions, get feedback, and ask questions.

All sessions will be recorded and will be available for one month after the course ends. You will be a part of a private group on our website where you can watch the video replays, ask questions, get feedback, and enter discussions on the workshop content.

Limited to 15 students Max. Register now to secure your position.

Four Saturdays
August 2023

(3 Hour Classes)

Cost $399.00

A limited number of Scholarships are available, covering a portion of the registration fee.

Scholarship Application Here

Class Calendar

  • August   5   First Class

  • August 12

  • August 19

  • August 26


Your Instructor

C.C. Rhone Instructor Image
V.C. Rhone

V.C. is a script reader for Austin Film Festival and Roadmap Writers. She is also a published author, as well as founder, director, and programmer for several film festivals which have been featured in the Los Angeles Times. V.C. produces, writes, and directs stories that embrace social scenes in a way that’s provocative and undeniably empowering. She has a family friendly comedy feature in the top 7% of all screenplays on Coverfly. 


V.C. is often sought out as a script analyst and consultant by writers, producers, and casting directors, with many of her clients going on to option or sell their works, as well as receive multiple awards. She is repped by The Buchwald Agency and managed by GLM. She has several projects currently in development.

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Origin Story
Character Development 

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Thank you for enrolling. We are looking forward to working with you! You will receive a confirmation email after you complete your submission, and you will be added to our mailing list. We will send reminders and instructions as classes approach, as well as updates about future events. You will be part of a group at where you will be able to log in to ask questions, watch video replays, and participate in discussions with other members. Have fun as we learn and grow together!

Thank You For Registering!

Prices in USD

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