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Screenwriting Bootcamp

Sometimes, screenwriting classes are too general or too basic and you feel like you've wasted your time and money.

FFSA's one day, live-online Screenwriting Bootcamp gives you three masterclasses on SPECIFIC screenwriting techniques that you can immediately use to analyze and improve your scripts.

Take a giant leap as a writer in one day!

Step One: Register today for the Screenwriters Bootcamp
Step Two: Learn skills you can immediately apply to your scripts
Step Three: Rewrite and Watch Your Scripts Succeed
Workshop 1


Winter Bootcamp

January  28, 2024

Only $59.90
  • Three 90 minute workshops

  • Workshops are at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 7:00 pm eastern time 

  • Video replays will be available for seven days after the bootcamp

  • All registrants will have access to log in, watch the videos, ask questions and enter into discussions about the workshops in the class group on our website.

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Mark Stewart Iverson

The Art of
Character-based Comedy

Laughter is the best (narrative) medicine! As storytellers we must be able (and willing) to “find the funny”, no matter the genre or tone. In this workshop you will learn the ultimate trick to the Art of Comedy: finding the funny deep inside your characters, premises and scripts, and not forcing bad “jokes.” At the end of the day, whether it’s a slapstick romp or a psychological thriller, being able to make people laugh with character-based moments will engage your audience (and potential financiers), leading to your work being produced.

(90 minute workshop. 1:00 pm ET)

Previous Workshops and Instructors 
Winter Bootcamp Workshops and Instructors to be Announced Soon

Upon graduating cum laude from UCLA Film School, Mark Stewart Iverson co-created, co-wrote and co-directed Hulu's former #1 web series Dorm Life. The hit comedy show racked up three Webby Awards, two Streamy nominations and two W3 Gold Awards. After a spiritual transformation, Mark founded MSI Films with the production of his original screenplay, the award-winning For Prophet, marking his feature directorial debut. Mark currently serves as the Creative Producer for the sustainability docu-series Rivers are Life (The Weather Channel) having produced 16 episodes in 8 countries across 5 continents. 

Workshop 2
Jaclyn Whitt

The Power of the Midpoint

You’ve probably heard people talk about the “midpoint” of the movie. A.K.A. the “turn around”, “the reversal” and “the point of no return”. But other than the fact that it happens half-way through, what is it? How do you capitalize on it? Do you need a specific midpoint scene? Unfortunately, this is where a lot of writers lose their readers and screenplays end up at a dead end. Learn how to craft a well-written midpoint that will captivate your audience and position them to fully invest their hopes and emotions in the outcome of the movie.

(90 minute workshop. 4:00 pm ET)

Jaclyn Whitt is a multi-award winning screenwriter in both short and long format, garnering 10 first-place awards in National and International screenwriting competitions. As a script consultant, screenwriters seek out her input during their editing process to strengthen their characters and storylines and tighten their scripts. Producers have sent other screenwriters to Jaclyn to help improve, focus, and re-write their screenplays. Her realistic dialogue, unique characters, and non-verbal communication within scripts have been frequently noted and praised. Jaclyn is an optioned writer with three feature films and a sitcom currently in pre-production.

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Workshop 3
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Bob Saenz

That's Not the Way it Works

Everyone has ideas how the industry works once you write your script. These ideas are mostly wrong. We'll talk about the right ways to get your scripts seen and read, what are the wrong ways to go about it, about rejection, notes from producers and your reactions to them, getting you scripts ready to send out, the effect of A.I. on the industry, and take as many questions about all of these things as we can. This is all based on Bob's experiences as a multiple produced screenwriter.

(90 minute workshop. 7:00 pm ET)

Bob Saenz is a screenwriter and actor. His 20 credited and produced works include Hallmark’s “Help for the Holidays”, “Rescuing Madison”, “Sweet Surrender”, “Sound of Christmas”, “The Right Girl”, “Christmas in Love”, “The Christmas Yule Blog”, “The Farmer and the Belle”, “Church People”, “A Christmas Star”, “Brush with Christmas”, and this December 2023’s GAC Family film, “A Dash of Christmas”. He’s done multiple rewrites, book adaptations, and script polishes for hire on film and TV projects for Producers, Production Companies, Streamers, and Studios.
Bob is the author of the popular screenwriting book “That’s Not the Way It Works” and he speaks, teaches, and panels at writers’ conferences and film festivals across the country. His acting roles include a 6-year run recurring character run on the TV show “Nash Bridges”, Hallmark Hall of Fame’s “Valley of Light”, Francis Ford Coppola’s “Jack”, David Fincher’s “Zodiac”, Finn Taylor’s “Unleashed”, “Church People”, and “The Village Barbershop”, among dozens of others.

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It was an absolute pleasure learning from all 3 of you! I count myself overly blessed to have been able to attend!  I am a very busy woman. Between family, creating and directing for television, performing comedy, and everything else, I don't have time for a 6 week-long training program. That's why I love your bootcamp! 3 master classes, from industry professionals that can help anyone up their game regardless of their writing level! 

Deann Alaine

Comedian / Producer / Director


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